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A Pragmatic Approach on Adoption of EDA to Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Jay C. Thakkar, Vikas S. Chomal


Today, corporations and their leaders have goals beyond just efficiency. The managers of numerous departments, including marketing, finance, supply chain management, information technology, and customer relationship management, have been recognizing the importance of data-driven insights in generating quantifiable business results. However, linking the data to improved business performance has never been easy for human resource departments. The aim of the study is to assess the value of Business Intelligence (BI) and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) in relation to how firms manage their workforces and how that affects performance. It would also identify the important organizational areas where BI and EDA are used as well as the effect on employee performance. It would also provide some insight into the several organizations’ rising interest in EDA and the numerous technologies they employ to offer value to the company. The study also focuses on python based open source EDA tools such as AutoViz, Pandas-profiling and SweetViz that are useful for getting detailed information in a much more user-friendly style. Further, this research work also studies the impact of EDA and BI on corporate data analysis and visualization results are examined. It demonstrates the BI approaches that have been put into use by many companies in order to make better strategic decisions on the people's side of the business.

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