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Identification of Plant Leaf Diseases Using CNN

Pulkit Verma, Maanik Arya, Simran Sharma, Krishna Bihari Dubey


The proposed approach helps detect leaf withering and provides a treatment. Databases retrieved from the internet are strictly isolated; unique leaf seeds are recognized and renamed to create an acceptable database. Next, you will receive a test database consisting of a series of leaf rots that will be used to verify the accuracy and reliability stages of your project. Already used. Then use the coaching statistics to train the classifier and expect the output with the most effective accuracy. In addition, a prototype drone model has been developed that can be used to capture leaf snapshots that cover the living area of large farmlands with large digital cameras and serve as input to software based entirely on it. I am. The software program will tell you if the leaves are healthy. Our software provides a level of leaf seed recognition and its level of self-confidence, as well as a remedy that can be seen as a remedy. The challenge also used the Android platform for the user interface, connecting two unique structures.

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