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Image Processing Invisibility Cloak: A Review

Archika Jain, Ravi Agarwal, Priyanshu Mathur, Megha Sharma, Tanishka Singh


We have seen invisible people in stories, but in the world, it is still not proven that invisibility exists. This review explains the invisibility of anything with the help of various technologies. On many commonplace commercial objects, you can find difficult patterns and backdrops. Such textual data may be presented in a variety of scales, fonts, colours, and orientations. The very basic operations are performed to process the frames, which include obtaining a live video feed, loading the frames one at a time, identifying different red colour shapes inside the live feed frames, and segmenting them using previously saved images. In this, anything which is required to be made invisible is covered or highlighted with material. With the help of projector, the background image on the object is used to make it transparent.

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