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Array in Data Structure

Shweta Joshi


It is normally seen that algorithms are more important than array but in reality, it's inversely important to break computation al problems this article, we've explored Array Data Structure in dept. We explore crucial ideas in Array and how we develop our own custom array with different way sofit sutilisation. This work attempts to provide insight on the operation of data structures in the context of information organisation. Information storage and retrieval is a field of research that is rising in prominence as the necessity and desire for sharing and studying information grows. Data structures have been the area of interest for many researchers for a long period in the era of data management and retrieval. The necessity for appropriate data structures has become increasingly crucial as data expands at an exponential rate. In today’s era, people are so addicted with the devices such as mobile phones or computers which produce large amount of the data difficult for storage. Data structures are essential components of computers that are used to organise, process, access, and store data in order for it to be used efficiently. This document

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