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Vivek Pathak, Dolly Pandey, Abhishekh Verma, Sujata Bhairnallykar


Agricultural development and expansion in India will be backed by E-Governance of Agriculture. Applications of E-governance incorporates Determining the suitable crops to grow in specific region, Recognizing the plant Disease, determining soil fertility. Government of India takes due measures to procure and provide the essential food items and provide it too the needed ones. Despite of the efforts of government, there is a huge gap between demand and supply of essential food items to needed one, due to less number of farmers aware of what and how to grow according to soil conditions, farmersm have a tendency to grow the similar crops using excessive fertilizer in process. The essence of the solution lies in the ability that can a) Decide the crops to be grown in specific reason depending on the Weather, Soil Structure and Water Supply. b) Recognizing the disease of the plant and then coming up with the correct reason for that disease and coming up with all the possible cures. c) Fertilizer Recommendation. The project revolves around providing hassle free experience to the farmers of the nation.

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