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Health Management System Using Researched Application of Big Data

Vansh Jakhetia, Vandita Goyal, Shubham Gupta, Rudra Gupta, Shirish Mohan Dubey


As everyone knows many developing as well as developed countries even poor countries healthcare demand is growing at an extensive rate. As like all other countries, healthcare in India is also facing the growing demand of medical treatment and services; as demand of healthcare and medical treatments increases, parallelly the volume of medical records increases; they must appropriately have all of the patient’s medical history. Management has to maintain proper records because this document serves a number of purposes. A hospital management system (HMS) based on modern technology like a kind of web or software based system that facilitates managing as well as accessing the functioning of an hospital or any medical set up making it user-friendly simple, fast, and cost-effective. This system or software integrates all the information of the hospital or of that medical setup regarding patients’ information and its past medical records, doctors’ information, hospital or that medical set-up’s staff information, hospital administrative details, etc. into one software or system. The basic functionality of the system or software is to register patient details and store them in the provided data base and access those details as and when required. It is planned and designed in a way so that to update the traditional way of finding, storing, managing and accessing hospital information (files) into a much faster way of electronic medical records to solve the problem associated with the manual method. As like any other system or software, Hospital Management System (HMS) can be accessible either by the receptionist or by the administrator. The information in this system is well protected for personal use-only, making rapid data processing.

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