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Audience Behaviour Mining Using Data Analysis

Alex Mathew, Arathi Nair, Sterin ., Jeswin Roy Decouth


Each person has different views, different opinions, different interest’s and different ideology. From the current variety of options to know what suits the best is a tough task. In the present situation we have to rate and comment such as to see whether the product is good or bad. But through our project, we are trying to analyze by just the comments; we rate the show and recommend according to the viewers mindset. We are implementing a new way of methodology where videos are ranked based on its quality of theme. The emotional nature of every video is being analyzed and a certain ranking is being specified to each one, based on the algorithmic intelligence. The intelligence works based on the positive comments and reviews held on a video, which makes the qualitative prediction in a much better and unambiguous way. The typical way of channel ranking based on previous views and advertising power is being avoided here. Videos are analyzed on its quality in nature as well as the positive reviews and responses.

Keywords: data mining, audience behaviour mining, TV, integrated development environment (IDE), PHP, MySQL

Cite this Article: Arathi Nair, Alex Mathew, Sterin, Jeswin Roy Decouth. Audience Behaviour Mining Using Data Analysis. International Journal of Data Structures. 2019; 5(2): 1–7p.

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