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Mobile Applications for Health Care Support for Elderly People

Ashish Jaiswal, Ankit Gupta



Technological product and services should be tailored to the wants and preferences of those voters, for the betterment of this society. Mobile phones area unit promising tools to enhance the standard of life for the old. This work presents a review of the status of mobile functionalities and applications that can satisfy the requirements and needs of older people and improve their quality of life. Mobile Applications are becoming the most popular way for any user to use any service. Hence, elderly using mobile applications makes it easier to use the service for them. This paper outlines many wants that ought to be met to enhance the standard of analysis during this space. This work provides a basis for researchers, designers, and itinerant service suppliers to trust the present wants of the older, the developing trends within the field and also the opportunities that mobile applications provide to enhance the standard of lifetime of the older and to support a cohesive and inclusive society.


Keywords: Elderly, old age, health, care, support, applications

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